Freshwater Ecology Lab
Lab Members
Charlotte Narr, Assistant Professor

I am an aquatic ecologist who studies the link between organismal physiology and aquatic nutrient cycles. I am particularly fascinated by the nutritional context of life history tradeoffs, so host-parasite systems are my favorite study subjects. A primary goal of my research is to use these fundamental relationships to inform the management of ecosystems for both disease and nutrient availability.


Adrienne Stanley, Graduate Student

I come from Colorado and have had the amazing opportunity to work in several states in the intermountain west with several great organizations.  Here at SIU I study the host-parasite relationship through the lens of nutrient ratios, which allows for the linking of physiology to ecosystem processes.


Isabella Sadler, Graduate Student

I am a masters student conducting nutrient manipulations in experimental ponds. I am using principles of ecological stoichiometry to find relationships between macroinvertebrate community composition and nitrogen and phosphorus inputs.


Anuj Pawar, Undergraduate Assistant 

I am a Junior at SIUC studying Zoology, specializing in Animal Biology. I’m interested in Ecology and Evolution, and will be seeking a master’s degree in the field later on. I will be conducting a research project revolving around Daphnia parasites and host interactions through out multiple generations, and observing the effects parasite have on their hosts in manipulated environments.


Erin Sedlacek, Undergraduate Assistant

This is my first year at SIUC, and I am studying Zoology with minors in environmental science and computer science. I will either pursue graduate study in the field or attend veterinarian school after the completion of my undergraduate. In the lab, I will be helping to maintain the daphnia subjects and assisting with other lab duties.